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The summer came to electric vehicles to strengthen the maintenance

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Summer is the fault of electric bicycle frequency, and the streets of electric vehicles increases gradually, daily use electric car owners should be paid attention to when more safety. Summer much rain, air humidity is big, very easy to cause the electric car a short circuit; Summer temperature is high, a lot of people will put the electric car in outdoor exposure to the sun, can lead to battery temperature rise, while charging of words, the battery internal pressure increases will also affect the life of the battery. The personage inside course of study warns, electric cars "heart" is the battery, so everyone USES them when the need to protect is the battery.
To ensure the normal use of the electric car, should lead acid battery to make the necessary maintenance, prolong the service life of the electric car batteries. Do not often use to owe voltage protection circuit role to charge. Put the electric charge after completely off the idea is not correct, the greater the depth discharge, kui electricity use electric car, the more the battery service life is short, should with filling with with, don't idle time is too long, banned kui electricity for storage. The battery avoid by all means is long and not charging mothballs, so that the battery will sulfuric acid salinization, reduce battery capacity. Electric vehicle charging time can't more than eight hours, otherwise not only will accelerate cell aging, also may cause a short circuit on fire. High temperature environment, charge reaction speed, so try not to direct sunshine place under the environment of high temperature, such as charge. In addition, electric car batteries use fixed number of year after expired, should to regular place buy reliable quality of the battery, cannot use unlicensed repair point to old change new batteries and "3 without" battery.
In daily use of electric cars in the process also should pay attention to some problems.
First of all, electric cars depend entirely on electric power is driving the maximum speed of less than 20 km, should be in bike lanes of the road, safe. Electric bicycle accelerated faster, to ensure your safety, please in stable ride again after start motor, in order to avoid you sitting in traffic hurry-scurry, avoid by all means start where; Second, electric bicycle is not suitable for the uneven or steep road driving, such as the case of this road, please get off implementation; Third, should avoid electric car rain, avoid after water in line sections into water, after avoid exposure batteries overheating; Fourth, electric bicycle seat height rider two feet to the ground can be subject to ensure safety; Fifth, the design of the electric bicycle for 100 kg weight, so don't take and take too heavy objects; Finally, the urgency of the failure (such as brake failure), should try to quickly get off, and will put down the vehicle. Cyclists should pay attention to the strange driving electric cars, found that the problem to be fixed. Try not to long time continuous use electric bicycle.

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