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How to prevent spontaneous combustion in electric bicycle

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Now comes into the summer, with temperatures increasing gradually, because of improper use of maintenance, car battery is easy to cause spontaneous combustion fire accident, serious endanger personnel and property safety. Here, fire departments to remind: Summer Electric self-burning phenomenon high, must advance the inspection maintenance, nip in the bud.Reportedly, the summer storage battery car spontaneous combustion, is generally attributed to the circuit of the battery caused by short circuit. As the summer high temperature, battery car easily due to high temperature, the electrical heating line caused circuit fault and short circuit, thus the occurrence of spontaneous combustion.Here, the fire department to remind, summer, battery car repair station to the best timing detection circuit, a ruled line hidden, to prevent aging line, adhesion and lead to short-circuit. Electric bicycle charger charging, the best will be placed on the ground, in order to facilitate the timely heat. In addition, to the battery to charge during the day, in order to keep charging condition, can timely find fire extinguishing. Try not to long time continuous use of electric vehicles, and maintain constant speed best. Charging when the battery will run out of combustible gas, so that the charge to be avoided in the storage room, basement, stenosis, sealed environment, prevent the generation of explosive gas mixture. Electric vehicle charging also do keep away from combustible materials, not too long from the charger rechargeable, overheating and fire.

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