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In 2013 sixth Guangzhou ( International ) vehicle electrical appliances exhibition

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In2013China Automotive Electronics Innovation ForumIn2013China Motor electrical products and Technology ConferenceTime:2013March 10,12 daysLocation: Guangzhou, China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex C (15.1/14.1Museum)Website: China Automotive Engineering Institute of Technology Branch of the Chinese car market after the FederationHongkong Best International Exhibition (Group ) Company Guangzhou Pasteur Exhibition Company LimitedUndertaker: Guangzhou Pasteur Exhibition Company LimitedAcknowledgment units:The Automobile Association vehicle electrical appliances professional committee of China Society of Automotive EngineeringThe United States Consulate in Guangzhou, Japan's trade promotion agency representative office in Guangzhou Guangzhou South Korea Trade CenterFrench Embassy in China Guangzhou Economic Department of Italy Foreign Trade Commission of the Austria consulate in GuangzhouMalaysia Xuelong car repair factory Association Thailand Taihua car repair Car Association Hongkong Automobile AssociationOne, historical review2008March," the first Guangzhou ( International ) vehicle electrical appliances exhibition ( referred to as ' AME ' )" as the exhibition area with" the fifth Guangzhou international auto air-conditioning and refrigeration chain technology exhibition" held in the same period, and was a complete success.The" AME" in February 24, 2012 in Pazhou Exhibition Hall C district is held ceremoniously, China Automotive Engineering Institute of Technology Branch of the air conditioner body study group, Yu Yuanjun secretary-general, association of steam vehicle electrical appliances professional committee secretary-general Zhu Xiaoping, society of Automotive Engineers of China automotive equipment department Minister Chen for many years, China Automotive Technology and Research Center Director Qian Tianjiao, Chinese automobile market Federation President Lu Zhiguang about the leader attends congress opening ceremony.Over the years, the show attracted Halla motor, Valeo, bright, Zhuhai JETCO, and Hing motor, constant 's, Changzhou Ming Rui Shun electrical, Guangzhou, Nakayama Antoshi, Weige Hejian, Zhuji Lianxing electrical, deep double security appliances, gold KELONG electric car, Changzhou de electrical, automotive electrical, division at Nakayama Ka electric, Ruian Peng, Zheng Yuan machinery more than 300and the motor electrical manufacturers will" AME" as an important marketing and trade platform..From Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Dongfeng Honda, Toyota, and most car manufacturers and large-scale circulation business,4S store,3S store, modification, repair, Auto Parts City, from the United States, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, India, Taiwan, Hongkong and other 16 countries and regions of the28920 domestic audience as well as 2378overseas visitors to visit the exhibition.In two, nine years to build a professional advantage, vehicle electrical appliances exhibitionIn 2013March 10-12 day, to enhance and improve the vehicle electric motor technology and industry chain, make the market supply and demand and build the enterprise technology innovation platform, Buster rely on the success of the 9automotive air conditioning Exhibition ( Guangzhou international auto air-conditioning and refrigeration chain technology exhibition ) and the advantages of resources, to build a professional car electrical appliances internationalization marketing, exchange trading platform --" the sixth Guangzhou ( International ) vehicle electrical appliances exhibition". For the industry to create a professional international exhibition and trade platform, shared motor supporting electrical and market after billions of wealth business opportunities.In four, the exhibition schedule and exhibiting detailsThe exhibition scheduleExhibition:2013- Report on March 8-9- trade show:2013March 10-12□closing move-out: March 12, 2013 14 p.m. - Location: area C Pazhou ComplexThe scope of the exhibitionMotor: starter, generators, auto air conditioner motor, wiper motor, window regulator motor, motors, instrumentation, wheel hub motor fan motor, window regulator motor, washing machine, start the motor, micro motor;Automotive electrical accessories: electronic regulator, rectifier bridge, an electromagnetic switch, a cooling fan, generator igniter, one-way clutch, shaft, casing, end caps, core, brush, bearings, plastic parts, gear, seals, coil, electromagnetic wire ( wire), etc;Electrical vehicle: controller, relays, commutator, instrument, sensor, new energy battery plugs, spark plugs, automotive lighting, wiring harness, inserting section, player, radio, the ignition lock, electronic components, security, safety, inspection, repair equipment;Motor electrical equipment: all kinds of test equipment, balance equipment, winding equipment, ultrasonic cleaning, welding, laser, inkjet printing, engraving and marking equipment.Note: 1, double opening booth fee9800yuan / RMB;The booth allocationEach standard booth: English name board, three side boards, a negotiating table, two chairs, general lighting.Each light: does not provide any configuration, by the exhibitors to design, build exhibition stands.- note: the need for special electric please explain in advance and application, charges as" Exhibitor's manual".The exhibitors / visitors queryGuangzhou Baxter Exhibition Company LimitedAddress: Guangzhou City, Xingang road 238, Shi Hong Kong Residence Internazionale B601-604 room (510308)Phone: 020-84238319 Fax:020-34123924E-mail: web site: person: Bao Suizhi hand machine:13902222047

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